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Author Topic:   "cdesign proponentsists" (Fallen and subbie only)
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05-21-2009 12:12 PM

Sigh. More awful attempts at thinly veiled Christian apologetics.

Riddle me this. If ID theory doesn't imply that there was a CREATOR to CREATE (or INTELLIGENTLY DESIGN; whatever tickles your fancy) everything we see around us, then what does it imply?

Sounds like creationism to me. The two are interchangeable; stop trying to reconcile creationism's mistakes in its attempt to transition into the realm of actual science.

ID is an intellectually bankrupt philosophy masquerading as scientific theory. It makes no predictions. It is not reproducible. It clings to a centuries-old ideology in spite of blatant evidence that says otherwise, and it doesn't build its inferences from the ground up; rather, it starts from presupposed ideas that can't even be defined properly.

What exactly is intelligence? What passes for design? Maybe once your camp can actually reach a consensus on something, the scientific community will stop treating you like a circus.

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