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Author Topic:   Does intelligent design have creationist roots?
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07-04-2009 3:42 PM
Reply to: Message 148 by onifre
06-29-2009 6:30 PM

Re: A Former Creationist Reveals All
"Well shit, thanks. Honestly I had no idea YEC was accepted by ID proponents. The very little I read about ID - (I try to keep my reading to actual science and conspiracy theories ) - never really covered their opinion of a young earth. And most of the ID supporters here have seemed to accept an old earth. Do we have any YEC/ID supporters on this site?

I understand that a YEC can support the ID movement, I just didn't know the ID supporters were accepting of YEC. I just assumed the ID folks didn't dispute geology as well.

Thanks for the lesson, fellas. "

I think ID is has a very broad spectrum of beliefs. I think anyone who believes in an omnipotent God would have to believe in ID. If he created the universe and is all knowing, then he would have intentionally created us IE Design.

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