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Author Topic:   Thermodynamics, Abiogenesis and Evolution
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04-22-2009 4:52 PM
Reply to: Message 97 by traste
04-22-2009 12:21 AM

Power tends to corrupt
Knowledge is power
Therefore knowledge tends to corrupt.
Your attempt to argue from the moral high ground ani't gonna' make it.

In Message 95 you asked

Let me ask you is a living organism closed system or open?
Maybe I missed its being answered but life is on open system. It includes the Sun. (or thermal vents or sulfide compounds…)

Over here you tried to make those nice, little, blue, quote boxes; therefore, your earlier argument that it wasn't your style was false. You just hadn't been able to figure it out. The reason you failed their was because you closed the quote with [q/s] rather then [/qs]. No big deal, but ,dang, it would be a lot easier to figure out what you mean if you'd use the nice, little, blue, quote boxes.

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Genesis 2
17 But of the ponderosa pine, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou shinniest thereof thou shalt sorely learn of thy nakedness.
18 And we all live happily ever after.

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 Message 97 by traste, posted 04-22-2009 12:21 AM traste has taken no action

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From: A vast, undifferentiated plane.
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Message 118 of 128 (519750)
08-16-2009 9:01 PM
Reply to: Message 113 by Creation Guy
08-16-2009 6:29 PM

All Over
More simply hydrogen at 65 miles is acted on by weak gravity and will only move down to a level of where it begins to be acted on by more particles in such a manner that allows it to stay at or near 65 miles.

Gravity at 65 miles up is 40002÷40652=.968 of surface gravity. The average man would weight only 5 lbs. less. Hardly weak.

Gas does not compact of its own accord.

Given enough gas that their mutual gravitational attractions over come their kinetic energies they will. You say so yourself in half a dozen posts and then seem to ignore it.

Show me [a star being born].

Sure, why not? Look over that way for 100,000 years. Don't blink.
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This was picked up by the ID crowd so the secular scientific crowd rejected it out of hand.

The ID crowd were unheard of in Hoyle's day. Did you mean Creationists? Regardless, It was rejected because it violated the laws of conservation of mass and energy; not to spite Creationists. Don't flatter yourself, Creationists are only considered when they start gunking up the windshield like mayflies. The simplistic ideas of Creationist are never of any concern.

Roughly half are not.

Stats on that?

Wakeup call to what reality? The evolutionary model is one depressing reality. We do not matter, we are stardust stacks and have no value outside of our base components. That is a Mad Max reality.

I exist so that I can laugh uproariously when other people fart. That is a much better reason for existing then is praising despotic deities. And Mad Max did have that cool car.

I am an ardent evolutionist and an ex-Christian…

And I'm that junior Keebler elf. (I'm taking on the Quisp persona to gain credibility when I talk about stars taking 100,000 years to be born.)

The say in law enforcement that confession is the strongest form of evidence - more reliable that eye witness or actual hard evidence.

So, how many of the dozens of confessors to the John Bena Ramsey murder were telling the truth. Dude, you are making stuff up.

No that a ship the size of a truck has gravity when it is not close to any other gravity well.

The ship has the exact same gravity when it's spinning itself into a black hole — and after it's done. (though it does lose its identity as a ship.)

Also that the particles do not congeal onto the truck - they just float nearby as little gravity is acted on them they compress little.

If there were enough gravity to keep them hanging around there's more then enough to pull them in. Gravity is an attracting force; not a sit-there-at-a-distance force.

I remember from astrophysics that if you half the distance you quadruple the effect. Inversely if you double the distance you divide the effect by 4. This is the basis for how gravity wells function I would surmise. The farther you are from it the less likely you are to pulled into it - this would also go for gases.

The rules of Newtonian gravity are really quit simple. Most of us here, if we didn't understand them, would shut-up and listen to someone who did. Now explains to me how gases dose not attract other gasses and stuff and junk.

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It's not the man that knows the most that has the most to say.
— Anon

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 Message 113 by Creation Guy, posted 08-16-2009 6:29 PM Creation Guy has taken no action

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