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Author Topic:   Does Death Pose Challenge To Abiogenesis
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10-28-2009 9:20 AM

This is a question not an argument, however it may develop into one later on, for now though I would just like to pose it as a question. Evolutionist claim that life arose from dead matter once the required elements were all in place. But doesn't the fact that organisms cease to exist show that these view cannot be right, dead organism have all the required elements of life, that is proteins and all the carbon-compounds essential for life, yet they are dead. Why? At least what can be derived from this is that carbon-compounds are not all that is required for life, perhaps some kind of life-sustaining force is also required, I will propose that this life-sustaining force is God, you are at liberty to propose your own, what is certain is nothing natural is known to cause life or to add years to it. When it's time to die it's time to die.

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10-28-2009 9:45 AM

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