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Author Topic:   Why'd you do it that way, God?
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Message 94 of 137 (541650)
01-04-2010 10:59 PM
Reply to: Message 91 by Sky-Writing
01-04-2010 7:21 PM

"So, if you had to make these assumptions, what reasons do you see for the Creator to choose gradual naturalistic processes, as opposed to an undeniably divine creation event?"

If God is doing the choosing, then both are undeniably divine creation events. That was easy & fun.

Unless God just happened along, which wasn't part of your setup.

The Gradual process is the one where magma cools at a suitable rate, so as not to explode as if a molten planet was dunked in water. Also some process was needed for creating dirt. And ground stone for body and organics for water retention. Good soil takes some amount of time.

How much "time" it took for all this time to pass is up for debate.

So what does this mean? Are you saying you agree god might work in naturalistic processes or not? So the seven days of the genesis story could be say 4 or 5 billion years? How does this relate to the OP, as opposed to being intentionally abstract to confuse the issue.

You also offer several links to biblical archaeology sites, while simultaneously bashing other non-specific scientists. Do you realize much of archaeological work invloves radio-carbon dating & other methods that have been used in other fields lending support to the the scientific consensus of evolution? In fact there is quite a bit more archaeological evidence to support the evolution of man than there is for the bible. Accepting some science while dismissing the same science in a different context is a clear confirmation bias. Biblical archaeology may find actual places mentioned in the bible, but that does not prove the stories in it. Im sure you disagree. Or are you agreeing in part that supported naturalistic processes have been ultimately inspired, set in motion, or handled by god?

To throw out my two cents, & this is only my opinion. I think god would obviously use natural processes. The evolution of life on earth, regardless of how it started, is far more magnificent than some childish hocus pocus. & ultimately if a God exists, & I believe one does, it is far more complex & amazing than any human mind can comprehend in this lifetime. But again only my opinion, & I dont believe in the fundamental credibility of the bible, so feel free to ignore. I have enjoyed some alternative views that have been presented in this thread however.

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Junior Member (Idle past 2698 days)
Posts: 24
From: Rosario, Argentina
Joined: 10-31-2009

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01-05-2010 7:26 AM
Reply to: Message 96 by Sky-Writing
01-04-2010 11:26 PM

They are HIS processes either way ya look at it. The only question being, did this time take place over what we call billions of years, or did this massive amount of time all get squeezed into one miraculous event? If the miracles of the new testament happened instantly, then the same is likely true of Genesis.

So you are agreeing it is a possibility? or not? We all understand you believe them to be HIS processes. But please explain, how would the miracles in the new testament prove that genesis was also LIKELY to be instantaneous? that is a big jump. Even according to the bible there were no people before god created the world and all its species (sorry kinds), to witness such an instantaneous miracle.....such as you directly witnessing your pal jesus fixing a broken leg.

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