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Author Topic:   "Main Stream" evolutionists are atheists
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02-05-2010 12:14 AM

A new member who calls himself "foxdog" made this assertion in message 83 in the Transitional Fossils Show Evolution in Process thread in the Biological Evolution Forum. It was his third post, and the third of his posts that were off topic.

Foxdog states:

Please note that I said many "Main Stream" evolutionists, such as the ones we typically see promoted by the media...i.e. Richard Dawkins.

I have two questions; how many mainstream evolutionists can foxdog name, and why is media promotion relevant to what mainstream evolutionists believe?

I wonder if Foxdog could inform me as to the religious belief of the following, mainstream evolutionists:

Richard Fortey
Pat Shipman
Alan Walker
Peter Grant
Rosemary Grant
Olivia Judson
Kenneth Miller
Ian Tattersall
Richard Leakey
Mauve Leakey
Mary Leakey
Lewis Leakey
John Gillespie
Donald Johanson
William Ryan
Walter Pitman
Jeffrey Schwartz
Mark Perakh
Stephen Gould
Donald Prothero
Douglas Futuyma
Jennifer Clack

The reason I ask is that the subject of the religious belief of any evolutionary researcher never came up in my studies of evolutionary biology. As a result, I am aware of the religious opinions of the above scientists only if they have chosen to make their beliefs known outside of any discussion of evolutionary biology. That is true only of Kenneth Miller and Stephen Gould, as far as I know.

If Foxdog (what an appropriate name for a discussion of evolution) knows of other mainstream evolutionists who claim to be atheists, then please tell us. From my own experience, I encountered few evolutionary biologists who claimed to be atheists. As I recall, the topic never came up because it was irrelevant.

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02-05-2010 12:25 AM

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