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Author Topic:   What is Supernatural?
Member (Idle past 3610 days)
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Message 219 of 230 (546295)
02-09-2010 7:50 PM
Reply to: Message 211 by Huntard
02-09-2010 9:52 AM

Re: A pointless exercise
Huntard writes:

Then why limit yourself to just god? Why not incorporate Xonsong into your claims?

Where did i limit myself to just 1 God? So you want me to make a list of one million names and call that God? I could, but how is that beneficial to your position? Would that be the evidence that existence is natural and does not require God?

MatterWave writes:

No. Existence is beyond me. And I am not willing to make unwarranted assumptions that i can know what God is or whether God has anything remotely simiular to a physical appearance, and whether it's a spaghetti monster, etc. I leave this excercise to the inhabitants of kindergartens.

Huntard writes:

But why limit yourself to god then? Your very adamant that we should acknowledge the possibility of god, but when it comes to Xonsong, or Hyper-god, or Super-duper-god, you suddenly are unwilling to commit to that. Why? Notice that all these entitites are ditinct from your god. They are not your god, they could however also be required for existence, couldn't they?

I can compile a list or copy paste a phone directory for you. Is that going to constitute evidence that existence is natural and does not require God?

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Member (Idle past 3610 days)
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02-09-2010 8:01 PM
Reply to: Message 212 by New Cat's Eye
02-09-2010 10:17 AM

Re: neener-neener
CS writes:

Those who advocate an anti-science methodology are in such a pickle, that the only thing they have left is to de-ligitimize science in an attempt to bring it down to their level. I think the zeal come from them realizing that if they don't succeed in that, then they don't even have a leg to stand on. This is all they have left and they have to maintain it.

Science in no way whatsoever says that God exists or does not exist. Science relegates unanswerable questions about reality and existence to philosophy. Keep dreaming that science somehow backs up your wishes.

Well, it too takes a "leap of faith" to believe that we're not all brains in jars. One of the reasons the leap is so short, though, is that science works. The technological advancements that have resulted are enough to realize that, even if we don't really understand anything, we understand it enough and we understand it better with a scientific methodology that anything else ever.

True, but we don't understand our environment. We don't even understand why the human brain understands anything and why there is anything to understand. Your assumptions about reality and existence are a naive model, based on wishful thinking.

CS writes:

And again, one of the most hilarious things to me is when people argue on computers on an internet forum instantly over great distances that science doesn't really get it yeah right go microwave another hot pocket

You have a way with jokes. That could kill any bushism in potency.

I always do.

I absolutely love that Mars rover gem extrapolated to imply you already reached the level where you understand existence.

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Member (Idle past 3610 days)
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Joined: 01-15-2010

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02-09-2010 8:20 PM
Reply to: Message 220 by DevilsAdvocate
02-09-2010 7:52 PM

Re: Requirements for existence.
Look Dumbass, I was just asking a question.

Given your intelligence, i'd be really, really worried if we were of the same opinion.

DA writes:

And let me guess, you have all the answers?

You are arguing that existence is natural and there is no God. Yes, it strongly implies you have answers to open questions that nobody has.

DA writes:

Give it a fucking break MW. You have not even defined what the terms 'natural' or 'God' even mean much less evidence that your God exists.

I did several times and this will definitely be the last:

"Natural means not created by a God"

I can't define what God is and i stated this a few times. I also can't define what reality and existence is. If you can, ok, but it's still hilarious.

Why should I be the one on the defense here?

Aha. You don't want to be on the defense, yet you have no problem making unwarranted claims.

DA writes:

The burden of proof lies with the one who is proposing the existence of something i.e. 'God', not the other way around.

Existence is incomprehensible and you have zero evidence that it is natural. It could be supernatural and you can't rule that out.

How do you know what the fuck I do or do not believe? You know nothing about me or my beliefs.

Well, I certainly do. I now know that you like to make assumptions and claim your assmption is more valid - i.e. existence is natural. No matter how loud you shout, it's perfectly clear what you believe. If you insist that it's not simply a belief, it's time for you to present evidence.

Why is it every fucking religious person I meet on this board is so pretentious to think they know what the other person does or does not believe without even asking? I have no clue what you believe nor do I pretend to. I only debate what you spew on this forum nothing more. I am getting a little sick and tired of your egotistical, pretentious, self-righteous religiousity. In other words, ASK the other person about what they are trying to say or SHUT THE FUCK UP.

You are an experienced debater and you know the answers to the big questions so that you can state with certainty that everything is natural and god does not exist.

Stop pretending to know what you are talking about. You are backed into a corner and to hide your ignorance, all you can spout is fucking idiotic ramblings about nobody knowing what the they are talking about. Then you turn around and say the all the answers to the universe is some mythical unsubstantiated being you call 'God' which you have yet to give one iota of evidence for.

I am backed into a corner?? How? Where is your evidence that existence is natural? You have a great sense of humor.

You are the posterboy for illogical and unsubstantiated, unintelligent garbage.

As i said, i'd be deeply concerned if someone of your intelligence agreed with me.

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