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Author Topic:   Things evolutionists can't (or can???) explain?
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09-10-2003 7:34 AM
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09-09-2003 11:19 PM

Big Bang
oh and how the ingredients for the big bang got there????? Any ideas?
Two points:
1: the Big Bang was not an explosion in space/time but an explosion of space time. In the jargon it is a singularity - a point where the physical laws break down. Neither time nor space existed "before" the Big Bang (using before in a metaphysical sense).
2: If, as seems likely the total energy of the Universe is 0 (Total mass/energy - gravitational potential = 0), then the Universe could bootstrap itself into existance. There are a number of competing theories that show just how this could happen. The phenomenom of creating batter is well demonstrated in particle accellerators, where a particle and its complementary anti-particle can be created without energy input. Since the total energy of the two is 0, there is no breach of the Law of Conservation of Mass/Energy.

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