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Author Topic:   Wingnuts Praying for Obama's Death
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03-09-2010 11:49 PM
Reply to: Message 116 by ZenMonkey
03-09-2010 2:01 PM

Re: Soapbox
Matters not. The Constitution clearly states that only Congress may declare war. The president can request it, but Congress must do the actual declaration. Just because every president since Roosevelt has failed to do this, that doesn't make it right for Jr to do it too.

Impeachable offense.

Then you would have to impeach all of Congress for going along with it without commencing impeachment hearings on the President.

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It is simply too painful to acknowledge -- even to ourselves -- that we've been so credulous.” - Carl Sagan, The Fine Art of Baloney Detection

"You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep seated need to believe." - Carl Sagan

"It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring." - Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World

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 Message 122 by ZenMonkey, posted 03-10-2010 12:34 AM DevilsAdvocate has not yet responded

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03-10-2010 12:34 AM
Reply to: Message 121 by DevilsAdvocate
03-09-2010 11:49 PM

Re: Soapbox
DevilsAdvocate writes:

Then you would have to impeach all of Congress for going along with it without commencing impeachment hearings on the President.

Fascinating concept. How far does culpability for the Bush regime's crimes go? How much blame should Congress share for going along with an obviously unconstitutional action? How far up or down the chain of command do you go?

If the guards at Abu Ghraib deserved to go to prison, what about their commanding officer, who only got demoted? Or how about their Commander in Chief, who authorized the abuse of prisoners? There's evidence that strongly suggests that Jr issued an Executive Order that sanctioned "extraordinary interrogation techniques." Though the crimes committed at Abu Ghraib went far beyond what the Order appears to have approved of, were there other orders we don't know about, whether official or not, that gave the nod to outright torture, murder, and extraordinary extradition to countries that are known to torture and kill prisoners? Even if there weren't, didn't the existance of official approval of abuse encourage the guards at the bottom of the chain of command to "let things get out of hand?"

Once again, who's got the most blood on his hands?

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I have no time for lies and fantasy, and neither should you. Enjoy or die.
-John Lydon
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 Message 123 by hooah212002, posted 03-10-2010 12:44 AM ZenMonkey has not yet responded

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03-10-2010 12:44 AM
Reply to: Message 122 by ZenMonkey
03-10-2010 12:34 AM

Re: Soapbox
Once again, who's got the most blood on his hands?

I would have to say (in regard to the torture, anyways) John Yoo, who typed up the torture memo, basically giving a green light to Bush, who, not being a bright fellow, would do whatever his lawyer said was OK. Since Yoo typed an official document saying it was A-OKAY to torture, Bush was going to say the same.

"Some people think God is an outsized, light-skinned male with a long white beard, sitting on a throne somewhere up there in the sky, busily tallying the fall of every sparrow. Others—for example Baruch Spinoza and Albert Einstein—considered God to be essentially the sum total of the physical laws which describe the universe. I do not know of any compelling evidence for anthropomorphic patriarchs controlling human destiny from some hidden celestial vantage point, but it would be madness to deny the existence of physical laws."-Carl Sagan

"On a personal note I think he's the greatest wrestler ever. He's better than Lou Thesz, Gorgeous George -- you name it."-The Hulkster on Nature Boy Ric Flair

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 Message 122 by ZenMonkey, posted 03-10-2010 12:34 AM ZenMonkey has not yet responded

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03-10-2010 2:06 AM

How about trying http://www.politicusmaximus.net/cgi-bin/dBoard.cgi
Since I believe the original topic theme has been long abandoned, I'm going to close this topic.

Also, I'm going to use this situation to try to divert at least some of the political type discussion to the Politicus Maximus site.

Closing in about 15 minutes (or something like that).


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