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Author Topic:   Even Younger Earth Creationism
Dr Adequate
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06-25-2010 9:57 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Dr Adequate
04-14-2007 12:59 AM

Anomaly-Spotting For Pleasure And Profit

Chinese archaeologists have found a tiny Swiss watch in a tomb dating back to the Ming dynasty, which they believed has been intact for four centuries.

The watch was discovered by scientists making a documentary, reports ananova.com website.

The out-of-time piece of jewellery was pressed into the soil covering one of the coffins.

The watch is stopped at 10:06, and there is the word “Swiss” on its back.

Work at the archaeological site has been suspended and experts from Beijing have been called in to help solve this mystery, which appears to belong in a sci-fi flick.

Now, YECs admit that the tiniest little unexplained anomaly is sufficient to overturn a whole mountain of evidence to the contrary. Indeed, judging by their arguments, this is the very basis of their philosophy.

They must therefore admit that this discovery overturns their presupposition that "hundreds and hundreds of years" have elapsed since the construction of the Ming tombs by the so-called "Ming dynasty".

However, this discovery fits perfectly with the EY'erEC position that the watch and the tombs were produced by an act of fiat creationism last Thursday.

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