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Author Topic:   Some thoughts on moderation & banning
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Message 12 of 29 (577253)
08-27-2010 7:15 PM

NOT SURE where to place this
Hiding unsupported assertions. --Admin

i want to protest this action as I am NOT in the science forums andmy understanding of the rules means i do not have to provide scientific evidence to support my points.

i have noticed i am the only one who has been targeted while the atheists have made many unsupported assertions throughout the threads i participate in down there and they do not get such action taken against them.

if you think it is unsupported then ask me to clarify.

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Message 18 of 29 (577690)
08-30-2010 4:10 AM

Hiding off-topic content. --Admin
i have no problems with being suspended or having moderators do bannings. I just wish they would apply the rules to everyone evenly. I am told to 'support my comments' then see so many responses to my words without support.

the burden of proof is not solely upon me, people who have contrary arguments need to support and prove their position just as i am reguired to do.

it is not my fault that other people reject my evidence or dismiss it without consideration. Evidence is evidence and after awhile when it is continually rejected and more is demanded, one just won't do it anymore.

the Bible is evidence, it is the only eye witness document of the past and the only verifiable document for origins and other events. it is not my fault that the secularists reject it and refuse to consider it evidence. {it is not their call to make}

it is not my fault that secular science is limited and designed to look for the wrong answers in the wrong places. you cannot discuss with someone on a topic like gold, when they are mining for lead and looking at lead for their answers to the gold supply.

when secularists stop manipulating the playing field to receive only the answers they want to hear, then maybe a discussion could take place, but that would mean that the secularist would have to be honest in their responses and points. {which few can achieve}

i have supplied evidence, quotes, even from secular sorces but it is never good enough so if you do not like my posts then i expect to be banned shortly because there is only so much evidence in existence and if that isn't good enough for the secularist then tough titties. God requires faith as part fo the equation and that is going to be constant throughout all discussions with christians.

secular science has no footing, no authority to demand anything else. it is a usurper in the theological field and does not belong. this does not mean that science has no part of the religious life, it just means that the secular version is moot and not allowed.

if you want to discuss with me, then discuss but do it honestly and with credible links to legitimate references so i can refute what you say. I will provide links as well or book titles as i prefer books to the internet so you can see i am not the only one who thinks that way.

it is not my fault

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Message 22 of 29 (581228)
09-14-2010 5:28 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by Bolder-dash
08-29-2010 7:43 PM

Re: NOT SURE where to place this
This thread is for bringing discussion problems to the attention of moderators. It is not a complaint thread. --Admin

bolderdash--this forum has a double standard and it is always in favor of the secularist. they can't handle the word 'retarded' thus they had to suspend me which did not good as it shows their hypocrisy and intolerance of others. they claim christians are intolerant and closed minded but the athiest and secular crowd are far worse than they accuse believers of being.

this place is actually a joke as it is meant to rubber stamp their deceitful and lying ways and in now way promotes real, and honest discussion. they want everyone to join their way of thinking even though they are wrong on all counts.

they are the ones in need of learning not the believer and they are the ones in need of a savior, the truth and they refuse to open their minds and eyes and really see how far off they really are.

they love to hide behind words like 'show me the scientific evidence' when science cannot produce any evidence for evolution, in fact they have never done one real evolutionary experiment and cannot show that that process really exists. they have to steal from God and give the credit to some imaginary theory just to give them a boost in the self-image department.

they cannot be honest in any discussion and it is worthless coming here to debate because they will dismiss any evidence they do not want to consider without any evidence to support their dismissal.

satan told eve that she would be 'like a god if you...' and he is telling the atheist the same thing. they will be like gods because they will be able to create their own history and future. they are very deceived.

i have only one more thread to start and topic to discuss here then i will be gone from this place. if these people want to discuss with me they can then find me at my forum where the rules andmoderators are not in their favor (but i doubt they will for they like the playing field slanted in their favor so they can technically 'win' each debate and 'prove' the creationist wrong)

well the athiest is wrong as secular science is NOT the final authority, it is not the determiner of anything, and it is not needed in life for we do not need science to live (but it sure helps people die faster).

the atheist can't even give God credit for their intelligence and steal more glory fromGod and place it upon a created field that cannot provide them with what they long for--eternal life and freedom from death.

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 Message 15 by Bolder-dash, posted 08-29-2010 7:43 PM Bolder-dash has not yet responded

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Message 26 of 29 (581444)
09-15-2010 4:42 PM

This thread is for bringing discussion problems to the attention of moderators. It is not a complaint thread. --Admin

You need to identify the author of the quotes when your post is not a direct reply to that poster. I've asked you this at least once before and if I have to ask again, I will suspend you for 24 hours.

i am tired of being singled out by your bullying admins. i counted 15 posters who posted exactly as i did in that one thread yet i am the only one getting the public warning.

quit the hypocrisy and double standard. clearly your moderating abilities focus on the christian and ignore the faults of your friends. learn to be honest, fair and apply your rules to all evenly.

if i get suspended then i expect to see 15 more names on that same suspension list because they all committed the same infraction.

grow up and stop being bullies. you are not tough, you do not scare me and your 'suspensions' mean nothing. you all have too much to learn about dealing with people but it is noice to see how you all undermine your stated positions by your bad moderating.

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