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Author Topic:   Amino Acid Dating
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09-11-2010 11:53 AM

A GREAT example of how science does work.
Actually, this whole thread is just another example of how reliable the Scientific Method is.

The important point is revision and testing.

Particularly when new methods are developed, new tools and procedures tried, it is not at all unusual for there to be errors.

Fortunately, science almost never relies on one methodology, one sample, one experiment or experimenter.

This really illustrates the Scientific method. Both the early Radio-carbon dating and AAR gave readings that conflicted with OTHER independent dating methods.

The Scientific Method issue then became "Why?"

It was a success of the SM, it showed that something was wrong. It could have been AAR or Radio-carbon dating or any of the other methods used.

So the methods were all tested, procedures revised; it is called learning.

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