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Author Topic:   Church Is Not Enough?
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09-17-2010 3:27 AM
Reply to: Message 16 by ICANT
09-02-2010 4:15 PM

Re: Religion in Schools
i dunno abbout the us, but in slovenia there is a very clear line betwean church and state, though this is true there are 2 high schools that are very christian i dunno where they get their funds probably from the church and a small portion from the state, a lot of parrents send their kids to those high schools cause they are colsed communeties and they think their kids will be safe from drugs ...., and that their kids will get a moral upbringing there most are dissapointed i had 5 friends go to that high school 4 of them are fu***ed up none of them have fhinished collage none of them have jobs 2 of them are pot smoking hipies, one turned to the ocoult the 4th is a slut that rides anyone that will take care of her when he gets tired she finds another.
althouhg i think it has more to do whit their methods than the belief itself, from what i understand they wake up at 06:00 for mas each day there after mass prayer before breakfast then school prayer before lunch (at 11:00) more school, a mass in between at 12:00 prayer before lunch nr 2 at (15:00 ), then learning hours till 18:00 some more prayer then dinner 3 hours of time for hobbies like bible study chess .... then lights out at 22:00. the kids there have no time to rebel cause they live in a cloister for gods sakes i would never on my life send my kids there. that is what happens when priests get a educators degree and they think they know how handle kids.
as for the guy that said students have no rights try saying that here they would tare you to pieces we have a very active student community that protests for every small right that might be in danger on a regular basis at one time it got a bit out of hand and they stoned the parlament they wrecked and smashed every window.
tudentje razbili slovenski parlament. video
this is a report of the protest a bit biast, they where protesting some social rights that if removed could have caused studiying from being a right to being a privilage for those that could afford it.

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