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Author Topic:   Why is it that God couldn't have made Creation with evolution?
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09-28-2010 1:24 PM
Reply to: Message 158 by Granny Magda
09-25-2010 3:24 PM

Re: Let me simplify this for you:
It's not really such a big deal.

Yeah...you're whole philosophy on life, your beliefs and the entire meaning of your existence have just come crumbling down around you, no big deal. There are other books to read.

Just being a dick.

While I agree with you 1000 percent, I can't help but think you're being quite dismissive with the Bible and are treating it like any other book on the shelf. And again, while I agree with you that it should be regarded as such, someone like Archangel I would imagine regards it as the holy, infallible, word of the creator of the universe. Which doesn't seem like much to me, because I don't share this opinion, but I can only imagine what that kind of belief must be like and how sacred one would view the Bible.

No big deal? I don't know, seems like what you're asking Archangel to do is the biggest deal of his/her life.

- Oni

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 Message 158 by Granny Magda, posted 09-25-2010 3:24 PM Granny Magda has not yet responded

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