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Author Topic:   Materialism vs. Supernaturalism
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11-28-2010 6:29 PM

Materialism can explain many a phenomenon in nature, but one thing it cannot explain sufficiently is the mind. Any and every explanation it gives for the mind flies in the teeth of what we all can be sure of from experience. For example from experience we can be almost certain that we are thinking, self-reflecting individuals not under the control of our brains, we have no doubt that we have the capacity to reason freely and then choose from a set of options, we know from experience that concepts as wrong and right exist, we know that our emotions, our feelings what have you are traits of our individuality, not a product of the brain chemistry.

I believe supernaturalism has the best and most appealing explanations for the above concepts as well as other features such as the apparent design in nature. Life without God is indeed absurd. There is no meaning any purpose kisses the dust.

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11-29-2010 2:52 AM
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There is an open thread that seems to cover roughly the same issue.
Mysterious Questions, Mysterious Answers and Supernaturalism


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