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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Can a valid, supportable reason be offered for deconversion
Inactive Administrator

Message 51 of 566 (595686)
12-09-2010 9:23 PM

We need more courtesy extended towards Dawn Bertot's theme
This topic's roots were in the Deconversion experiences topic. I insisted that Dawn Bertot get out of that topic and suggested that he start what came to be this topic.
In skimming the rapidly accumulating pile of messages, my impression is that the message quality and relevance to the topic theme is all over the place.
Members need to review message 1 and truly strive to keep their messages in explicit contact with that theme.
Or something like that.
If this topic doesn't come around, I'm probably going to give it a short term closure (maybe up to 24 hours or more) to let things cool off and straighten up.
Please, no replies to the message at this topic. You know (or should know) the drill of where such should be done.

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