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Author Topic:   Humor V
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02-06-2011 12:16 PM
Reply to: Message 644 by dwise1
02-06-2011 3:11 AM

Re: Westboro Baptist set to picket....
"rock"? As in "sinks like a rock"? Sports are mind-numbingly boring. Even you need to go to a bar and get drunk to deaden your own brains and whip each other into a frenzy in order for it to hold your interest.

Yicks! What happened, man, did you get raped by a PE coach or something?

You have a very odd perception of what it's like to hang with some friends and watch a game. You can admire athleticism without getting all gay about it.

And I've known that sports are boring for almost my entire life, several decades before I started learning to dance.

Yeah I'm sure it was right around the time you weren't getting picked for any sports and you showed zero athletic ability. Time to become a hater and join a dance team.

- Oni

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02-06-2011 2:15 PM
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02-06-2011 12:16 PM

Closure of thread
It's successor can be found over at Humour VI

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