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Author Topic:   Biblical Creation / An Introduction
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Message 12 of 24 (6107)
03-04-2002 8:59 AM
Reply to: Message 11 by doctrbill
02-26-2002 9:08 PM

Originally posted by doctrbill:
Where is it the scripture "clearly states" that the doctrine of ex nihilo creation is "legitimate"? (chapter and verse please)

You have been shown where it clearly states otherwise.

Were humans spoken into existence (ex nihilo) by command of God on the sixth day? Or was the man made from mud and the woman made later from a piece of the man?


I have my own (minority of one) interpretation of Genesis ch 1 & 2
in regards humans.

God creates a whole bunch of humans on day six.

At some unspecified date after that, he creates Eden, Adam, and
subsequently Eve.

This would get rid of objections to Cains wife, and completely
invalidate the 6000 year old earth calculation in one.

It would probably irritate just about everyone

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Member (Idle past 2337 days)
Posts: 2160
From: Cambridgeshire, UK.
Joined: 02-05-2002

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06-11-2002 6:50 AM
Reply to: Message 17 by Joe Meert
05-29-2002 3:14 PM

Originally posted by Joe Meert:
JM: Now there's an interesting piece of biblical exegesis! ROTFL, but the flood is literal, right?

To be fair here ... JP was replying to my post in which
I suggested that the people created in Genesis ch.1 were
NOT Adam and Eve, but that they were created afterwards
specificaly to inhabit Eden.

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 Message 17 by Joe Meert, posted 05-29-2002 3:14 PM Joe Meert has not yet responded

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