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05-11-2011 5:58 PM

If planets formed by a big bang, and or from a spinning galaxy, star or even our own sun, then the conservation of angular momentum should come into play. All of the bodies that break loose from the parent should spin in the same direction. However, even in our very own solar system some planets spin opposite ???? So how is this? If this was an unsupervised event (with no Creator) then all of the planets should spin in the same direction.


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05-11-2011 6:25 PM
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05-11-2011 5:58 PM

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In case you didn't see Theodorics post here is the link to the open topic.

The Big Bang and Conservation of angular momentum??


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 Message 1 by techristian, posted 05-11-2011 5:58 PM techristian has taken no action

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