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Author Topic:   Is DNA the TOTAL Instruction Set for a Lifeform?
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07-02-2011 1:16 AM
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10-19-2009 4:25 AM

Developmental Biologist Jonathan Wells...

There's the story right there. Dr. Wells is a moonie who began his studies of biology with the approval and financing of Sun Myung Moon, the leader and founder of the Unification Church. This was after he was awarded a degree by the unification theological seminary and then a PhD in theology from Yale. His expressed purpose in studying evolutionary biology was to learn enough to show that Darwin was wrong. You might suspect that he isn't giving you the straight truth in anything he says. Consider that his purpose it not to present science, but to glorify Sun Myung Moon. He has said so himself. Wells is, in fact, a molecular and cell biologist from UC Berkeley. Wells is the author of Icons of Evolution in which he misrepresents the facts of evolution, all for the glory of Father Moon.

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