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Author Topic:   Transitional forms in existence today
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07-14-2011 6:02 AM
Reply to: Message 34 by Portillo
07-14-2011 4:12 AM

Re: All Species are Transitional
Maybe this is where most creationist 'arguments' come from. Creationists don't have a clue what the Theory of Evolution is. They don't realize that the Theory of Evolution actually requires all organisms to be 'fully formed' for them topass on their genes.

All organisms are "fully-formed". A virus is a fully-formed organism. Any unicellular organism is a fully-formed unicellular organism. Any Portuguese-Man-Of-war is a fully formed organism, although it is a colony of eukaryotic cells. Any multicellular organism is a fully formed multicellular organism. Archaeopterix was a fully formed Archaeopterix. A Penguin is a fully-formed Penguin. It doesn't use it's fully formed small little wings for flying, but for other purposes. Like balancing.

The Theory of Evolution predicts that all organisms have to be fully formed to be alive to be able to pass on their genes to be able to evolve.

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