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Author Topic:   Logical Question: | willing | not[willing] |able | not[able] |
Dawn Bertot
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10-04-2011 9:20 AM
Reply to: Message 204 by RAZD
10-02-2011 8:45 PM

Re: The sunflower test - once more, when it comes around on the guitar, with feeling ...
test #4 - with lamp off, moved to new location
i.sunflower able to turn to face the sunlamp,
ii.sunflower able to detect sunlight
iii.sunflower does NOT turn to face the sunlamp
iv.result negative: ability does NOT predict behavior.
Result: [able]ness unable to predict behavior in test #4 (negative result)
Do you see any IRONY in your last line here. Pick out a word in your last line that might make the sentence ironic
No ZD, the lamp is not ABLE to turn and face the lamp, because the sunflower did not turn and face the lamp when it was off.
There is only one thing happening at a t time. Percieved ability is not actually happening, its only a contemplation
It is not actually detecting the light of the sun or the sunlamp, if it is not there to detect
Dawn Bertot
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