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Author Topic:   Why Do People Steal?
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11-18-2011 6:20 PM
Reply to: Message 54 by Artemis Entreri
11-18-2011 5:54 PM

EvC Politeness
SIDE NOTE on EVC POSTING POLITENESS: should I respond to each and every person like I just did here, or is one big response with individuals quoted better?

Personal preference really. In general, responding to a message individually I would have thought is preferable, but if you are getting snowed under and you are saying many of the same things sometimes it might be better to consolidate the messages into one.

The only problem with one big response is that people don't get notified that they've been responded to and this might mean they miss their opportunity to reply to it.

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 Message 54 by Artemis Entreri, posted 11-18-2011 5:54 PM Artemis Entreri has not yet responded

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