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Author Topic:   Evolution doesn't make sense.
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From: slovenija
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02-08-2012 8:17 AM
Reply to: Message 60 by amp1022
02-07-2012 7:50 PM

As in catfish becomes seagull, or frog becomes sloth, or termite becomes turtle.

evolution dosent work that way,

Can any of you give me the name of an animal that started as one animal, then became a completely different animal.

this is the taxonomy of humans

Biota [all life on Earth, including precellular life]
Clade - Cytota [all cellular life; LUCA, Prokarya, Bacteria]
Clade - Neomura [like Archaea, also included, oldest neomura, common ancestor with them]
Domain - Eukarya [like Bikonta, also included, oldest eukaryotes, common ancestor with them; cellular nucleus; first eukaryotic multicellular organisms; plants]
Clade - Unikonta [only one flagellum; like Amoebozoa, also included, common ancestor with them]
Clade - Opisthokonta [like Fungi, also included, oldest opisthokonts, common ancestor with them]
Clade - Holozoa
Clade - Filozoa
Kingdom - Animalia/Metazoa
Subkingdom - Eumetazoa [remotest origin of animal motility]
Clade - Bilateria [having bilateral symmetry]
Superphylum - Deuterostomia [anus gets formed first, and mouth gets formed opposedly and after]

Phylum - Chordata
Clade - Craniata [animals with skulls]
Subphylum - Vertebrata [...and backbones]
Infraphylum - Gnathostomata[...and jaws]
Superclass - Osteichthyes
Class - Sarcopterygii [Includes lobe-finned fish and all land vertebrates.]
Infraclass - Tetrapodomorpha
Superclass - Tetrapoda [...and four limbs for terrestrial locomotion]
Clade - Amniota [...and amniotic eggs ("terrestrial" eggs)]
Subclass - Synapsida
Order - Therapsida
Clade - Theriodontia
Suborder - Cynodontia
Clade - Epicynodontia
Infraorder - Eucynodontia
Clade - Probainognathia
Clade - Chiniquodontoidea
Clade - Mamaliamorpha
Clade - Mammaliaformes

Class - Mammalia [all mammals]
Subclass - Theriiformes
Infraclass - Holotheria
Superlegion - Trechnotheria
Legion - Cladotheria
Sublegion - Zatheria
Infralegion - Tribosphenida
Supercohort - Theria
Cohort - Eutheria
Magnorder - Boreoeutheria
Superorder - Euarchontoglires
Grandorder - Euarchonta
Epiorder - Primatomorpha

Order - Primates [arboreal prehensile locomotion; terrestrial bipedal leaping in some cases; Strepsirrhini, Prosimians, also included, oldest living primates, common ancestor with them]
Suborder - Haplorrhini [anthropoidea; like Tarsiiformes, also included, oldest living haplorrhini, common ancestor with them]
Infraorder - Simiiformes [earliest documented tool ethology; like Platyrrhini, American Monkeys, also included, oldest living simiiformes; monkeys and apes included here]
Parvorder - Catarrhini [land extended locomotion; like Cercopithecoidea, Old World Monkeys, also included, oldest living ones]
Superfamily - Hominoidea [tail loss, arboreal locomotion reduced to forelimbs (Brachiation); apes, lesser apes, hominoids; like Hylobatidae, Gibbons, also included, oldest living ones]

Species - Proconsul africanus

Family - Hominidae [great apes, hominids; fist-walking; family with Ponginae, Orangutans, also included, oldest living ones, common ancestor with them]
Subfamily - Homininae [or hominines; knuckle-walking; includes gorillas but not orangutans]

Species - Pierolapithecus catalaunicus

Tribe - Hominini [or hominins; includes chimpanzees but not gorillas]

Species - Sahelanthropus tchadensis, possible common ancestor with chimpanzees[citation needed]
Species - Orrorin tugenensis, may be an early species after split with chimpanzees[citation needed]

Subtribe - Hominina [or hominans; orthograde (upright) bipedalism; humans are the only surviving species]

Genus - Ardipithecus [Human lineage]
Genus - Kenyanthropus
Genus - Australopithecus [Human lineage; made tools found]

Genus - Homo [or humans; specific and specialized development of memory/learning/teaching/learning application (learning driven ethology)]

Species - Homo habilis [refined stone technology; earliest fire control]
Species - Homo ergaster [extensive language, complex articulate language]
Species - Homo erectus [fire control, cooking; aesthetic/artistic refinement of tools]
Species - Homo heidelbergensis [possible earliest sanitary burial of deads, accompanied with symbolic/formal supplement]

Species - Homo sapiens [further development and specialization of learning application; active environment transformation, acclimatization and control; infrastructures and advanced technology]

Subspecies - Homo sapiens idaltu

Subspecies - Homo sapiens sapiens

Natural Evolution cant turn humans in to frogs, it could change us to something like homo sapiesns "frogus", a human with amphibian abilities.

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