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Author Topic:   May 2012 - Post of the Month
Member (Idle past 2866 days)
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Message 7 of 23 (661804)
05-10-2012 10:34 AM

Dr. A!
Message 243 in the "How do "novel" features evolve?" thread.


Its classical Dr. A stuff, the epitome of what this website is all about. Who says this site is losing its touch. You want quality, what more can you ask for? Deep, brilliant, insightful, scholarly, and so well researched, ..I mean seriously, its the quintessence of what Dr. A and EvC are all about.

I don't know how he does it, but... bravo! Bravo!

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 Message 8 by Panda, posted 05-11-2012 9:43 AM Bolder-dash has taken no action

Member (Idle past 2866 days)
Posts: 983
From: China
Joined: 11-14-2009

Message 18 of 23 (664287)
05-30-2012 8:43 PM

He strikes again!
It not always easy deciding which of A's gems deserves the most recognition (actually they are all virtually the same, but some do contain the words pink unicorn, that's how you can tell them apart) but hey, this one is good:

From How Novel features Evolve #2, message 62

I think its brilliant, because it really causes one to ponder with great perplexity, why he is so determined to push another key. Is it reflex? A twitch? Like a sort of tourettes of the fingers? The possibilities are endless. Such food for thought!


Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Add direct to message 62 link.

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 Message 19 by Panda, posted 05-30-2012 9:12 PM Bolder-dash has taken no action

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