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Author Topic:   No "new information" required
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06-03-2012 10:46 PM
Reply to: Message 10 by gaxar77
06-03-2012 10:35 PM

Re: No takers?
Take a look at this video and see the degree to which "unintelligent design" is able to produce the very things we see in evolution.

Making Genetic Networks Operate Robustly: Unintelligent Non-design Suffices, by Professor Garrett Odell (online lecture):

Abstract: Mathematical computer models of two ancient and famous genetic networks act early in embryos of many different species to determine the body plan. Models revealed these networks to be astonishingly robust, despite their 'unintelligent design.' This examines the use of mathematical models to shed light on how biological, pattern-forming gene networks operate and how thoughtless, haphazard, non-design produces networks whose robustness seems inspired, begging the question what else unintelligent non-design might be capable of.

Religious belief does not constitute scientific evidence, nor does it convey scientific knowledge.

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