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Author Topic:   Gun Control
Dr Adequate
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Message 295 of 310 (669738)
08-02-2012 4:21 AM
Reply to: Message 275 by Artemis Entreri
08-01-2012 11:50 AM

Re: summation..why? this thread is great.
I really enjoyed this topic it is a shame it is getting shut down. I am quite suprised that this topic would even exist on such a liberal website, but it was the pleasant sort of suprise. I find it extremely interesting that liberals fully support certain states to regulate firearms (something in the constitution), but deny those same states to regulate marriage (something that is not in the constitution), or science education, or displays of religion; I find the double standard very interesting, and quite illogical.
What a load of toss, my dear chap. Might I suggest that if you don't know what liberals think or why they think it, you could always ask one.

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Dr Adequate
Member (Idle past 402 days)
Posts: 16113
Joined: 07-20-2006

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08-07-2012 8:58 PM

I haven't been reading this thread for the past few days, but I assume that what has happened is that after much thoughtful debate all the participants have arrived at a well-reasoned consensus, since this is what invariably happens when people talk about guns on the internet. I don't know of any topic that generates so much unanimity, except perhaps the question of whether the Israelis are more to blame than the Palestinians or vice versa. Maybe we could tackle that one next.

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