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Author Topic:   August 2012 - Post of the Month
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08-09-2012 9:53 PM

marc9000, at "I Am Not An Atheist!"
Author: marc9000
Forum: Creation/Evolution Miscellany
Thread: Author: I Am Not An Atheist!
Message #: 303, with honorable mentions for the following messages 304 and 305

I find message 303 as being exceptionally well done, and the other two also being pretty good.


Professor, geology, Whatsamatta U
Evolution - Changes in the environment, caused by the interactions of the components of the environment.

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Posts: 3849
From: Duluth, Minnesota, U.S. (West end of Lake Superior)
Joined: 11-11-2001

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08-10-2012 8:02 PM
Reply to: Message 4 by NoNukes
08-10-2012 11:44 AM

Re: marc9000, at "I Am Not An Atheist!"
A reply from both Moose modes:

My nomination is totally sincere - It's not snark. I think there is substantial on-topic material there.


Unfortunately, it has led to discussion of such things as the general merits of the intelligent design concept, rather than such things as the relationship between deism and the intelligent design concept. As I see it, the first is off-topic while the second is on-topic. All messages there should have some explicit connection to deism.


PLEASE, NO REPLIES TO THIS TOPIC. Go to "The Whine List" if you wish to dispute my position. Members can respond to my message 2, IF they wish to second the nomination.

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 Message 4 by NoNukes, posted 08-10-2012 11:44 AM NoNukes has not yet responded

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