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Author Topic:   how far did he go?
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02-17-2013 4:35 PM

Now we are starting to understand the size of the universe, where do you think Jesus went when he said 'long journey'?
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 Message 2 by Admin, posted 02-19-2013 8:17 PM divermike1974 has not yet responded

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02-19-2013 8:17 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by divermike1974
02-17-2013 4:35 PM

Hi DiverMike,

People, including myself, may not know what you meant by "starting to understand the size of the universe." If there is some recent addition or change to our understanding that you have in mind then you probably need to explain what that is.

And people, again including myself, may not be familiar with the Biblical passage where Jesus mentions a "long journey," so it would be helpful if you could provide chapter and verse as well as the full quote itself.

Lastly, and most importantly, how does this tie in to the creation/evolution debate?

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 Message 1 by divermike1974, posted 02-17-2013 4:35 PM divermike1974 has not yet responded

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