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Author Topic:   Crop circles and intelligent design
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07-01-2013 6:14 AM
Reply to: Message 138 by Peter
07-01-2013 5:42 AM

Re: absurdum
Peter writes:

Lack of apparent motivation is NOT negative evidence ... it's an open question.

In the sense that you're using the term, everything's an open question. And in that sense, I'm sure you've convinced everyone here. I'm sure everyone will concede that humans creating crop circles instead of aliens remains as much an open question as the Earth being spherical rather than flat.

Your goal shouldn't be to remain implacable and immovable in your position, which by the way you've achieved, but that is a simple achievement accomplished by many every day. Your goal should be to make your position look less than ridiculous so so as to persuade others, for if your goal isn't to persuade, than I can only guess that it must be to look ridiculous, which you've also achieved.

In other words, like Modulous, I'm casting about for ways to get you to acknowledge reality. I'm taking a different tack, of course, because the problem doesn't seem to be in the facts but more in the nature of self delusion. Somehow we have to snap you out of it.


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