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Author Topic:   inverse square a function of logarithmic perception -i/x^2
Larry Hanawalt
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11-25-2013 12:10 PM

I once had an experience of light as constituted by equal and opposite exponentials. The second derivative of the complex exponential function (-e^(ix)) and the second derivative of the complex logarithmic function (-i/z^2) seem to provide an analogy.
i*ln''(z) = -i/z^2 (as the location of the observer, the model-maker, the measurer) provides the inverse square relationship that we attribute to gravity--"gravity" a function of perception, not force? (The Weber-Fechner Law and other evidence support the idea that all perception might be logarithmic.)
It's crazy, I know--but it would eliminate the need for dark energy and dark matter. And a complex exponential "space" viewed from a complex logarithmic perspective ("time") would give us a flat, steady-state rather than an exponentially expanding universe.
The flat, steady-state aspect is indicated mathematically by the fact that the real number line is the real part of minus i/z^2...the real number line representing a mean between exponential and logarithmic curves.
(It would also be an anti-entropic universe. All a very hard sell. But since the current macro-model doesn't work, there may be some tolerance for crazy. At this point I just want to see if the model works mathematically.)

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Larry Hanawalt
Junior Member (Idle past 3875 days)
Posts: 3
Joined: 11-22-2013

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11-26-2013 4:42 PM
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11-25-2013 5:16 PM

matter, antimatter and e^ix + 1 = 0
Percy, thanks. I suppose it's possible that I am a crank. (I love the wikipedia crank page.) I'll start in a different place and stop quickly. If you suggest that I cease and desist on this Forum, I will.
Euler's e^iz + 1 = 0 indicates a rate of change that is equal and opposite in sign to the instantaneous rate of change. The "deceleration" is a mirror image--a tangent to the unit circle that is pointed in the opposite direction from the function's rate of change.
It seems to me that the matter/antimatter mirror image might be considered to have this e^ix + 1 = 0 mathematical relationship.
(Suppose that the matter/antimatter model involves representing a non-dual phenomenon as a duality.)
I'll stop there for a comment. Be gentle.

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