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Author Topic:   Human Induced Global warming is just another conjob for the ignorant.
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01-30-2014 3:30 AM
Reply to: Message 46 by Dr Adequate
01-28-2014 6:07 PM

Map of sad state of education
While little should surprise anymore, this somewhat did. In thousands of schools across (but fortunately not throughout the US) children are denied knowledge. Someone made a nice correlation noting that the states that are the most creationist-friendly/truth-adverse are also those in which you´re okay marrying your cousins or siblings (of opposite sex).


For a while I pondered whether the proponents of creationism are evil or intellectually challenged - then it became clear to me, they are both at the same time. I honestly cannot think of a group of people I´d loath more than these - I cannot bring myself to hate anyone but...

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 Message 46 by Dr Adequate, posted 01-28-2014 6:07 PM Dr Adequate has not replied

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