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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   How the NT quotes Tanach texts
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01-30-2014 9:51 AM
Reply to: Message 4 by NoNukes
01-30-2014 9:31 AM

Re: OT must be understood through the NT
If this were true, it would be a major point in your favor. But the statement is instead highly contentious and is the focus of many arguments. I'd love to see your proof of this point.
Indeed. It is certainly a pretty robust translation for parthenos from the Septuagint, but from the Hebrew? Any proof should discount young widowed women from being considered almah.

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02-02-2014 9:38 AM
Reply to: Message 34 by Eliyahu
02-02-2014 7:31 AM

neither the OT nor the NT are divinely inspired
Fact of the matter is, that EVERY religion begins with a supposed revelation to one single person who then claims to be God, or the messiah, (JC) or a prophet from God, (Mo).
And who was the single person in Animinism? Shinto? Slavic Paganism, Norse Paganism? And all those other religions that notoriously have no prophets?
Judaism started with a revelation, not to one man, but to a people of millions op people, at mount Sinai, when God gave the Torah.
No, Judaism claims that, but there is absolutely no reason to believe Jews on this matter any more than we believe the Christians that there were thousands or even millions of witnesses to divine intervention in 1st Century occupied Palestine as described in the NT. There were a few miracles witnessed by all or many, such as nasal quail or the murderous tantrum of the 14,700. But Yahweh did most of his negotiations and explanations through Moshe, right?
At least the Christians can say there were witnesses to this event a few decades after they were said to have occurred. Judaism relies on texts from around 7th Century BC to accurately report events from possibly thousands of years previous.
The NT, as usual, is based on the statement of one man that he was God and the messiah, eventhough he didn't fulfill the messianic prophecies.
Well no. It's based on the statements of five men that claimed that Jesus was the messiah/god/whatever. Four of them anonymous, one of them Paul.
So no way that the NT is confirmed in the exact same way as the Torah.
Well this is true. Neither have been confirmed in any way except in trivial matters. I wouldn't want to judge which is a less reliable reporter of facts, but I wouldn't trust either alone with my sister

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