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Author Topic:   The Best Rebuttals While You Browse
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02-06-2014 10:56 PM

I'm working on a project called rbutr and I was wondering if people here would be interested in adopting its usage in their internet travels.
The idea is very simple: Whatever page you are looking at, you should be able to access the best rebuttal on the internet to that page.
So if you are on a page which asks why we still have monkeys if humans evolved from monkey, then rbutr should be able to take you to another webpage which responds to that challenge as well as possible.
However, the connections are crowdsourced, so we need people to help map these debates. We have over 8000 members already, and a very active community working away, but in light of the Creation Debate the other night, I think we could put a little time in to the Creation debate - both creationists and evolutionists - and organise the internet so that everyone has free and easy access to the best responses available for each perspective.
What do you think?

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 Message 2 by Phat, posted 02-09-2014 6:19 PM Aegist has replied

Member (Idle past 3235 days)
Posts: 23
From: Sydney NSW Australia
Joined: 08-21-2006

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02-09-2014 11:14 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by Phat
02-09-2014 6:19 PM

Re: Rebuttals R US
We don't filter or select rebuttals ourselves. The entire system is crowdsourced, and the responses are voted upon to determine list order, with the best response at the top. Some pages have as many as 25 rebuttals connected to them now (that one was a GMO study, and another couple with many rebuttals are Climate Change related)
For example, you can see it in action here: rbutr has 24 responses to the article
As for what is a rebuttal of faith and belief, hopefully the crowd voting system will help elevate the best possible rebuttal to the top, thus it may be a simply well put thought experiment rather than some scientific study which comes out on top, not because it is the most scientific, but because it is the most persuasive. And in the end, that is what matters most when you're on the internet....

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 Message 2 by Phat, posted 02-09-2014 6:19 PM Phat has seen this message but not replied

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