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Author Topic:   Are you a mutant? x man? Can you drink milk?
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05-30-2014 8:35 AM

The Power of Milk
Drinking milk is not an issue for me. I can drink a full glass whenever and I can still function as a common human being. The problem comes in that I also can then function as a power plant. If you could tap my navel you could light all of St. Louis for a couple days.

The reasons I do not go into this field as a career are, first, though my production is about as natural as gas can get the industry insists on pumping it out of the ground instead and, third, I'm a bit squeamish about the operation it would take to get hooked up to the existing pipeline.

As far as being an x-man, my reading of the genetic literature indicates to me that I am most probably a y-man, though i haven't had the panel run.

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