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Author Topic:   New Avatar... sig's cool too!
New Cat's Eye
Inactive Member

Message 20 of 44 (254003)
10-22-2005 12:43 PM

my 1st avatar
I put in my location and a sig too, but I don't thing the sig is showing up. oh well.

Thats me jumping my dirt bike in Saint Joe State Park.

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Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existence.
Letting the reigns go to the unfolding is faith.
-System of a Down

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New Cat's Eye
Inactive Member

Message 43 of 44 (733889)
07-22-2014 4:27 PM

Took this selfie on Sunday night down at the Arch grounds. Never wanted to put my face on here, to maintain anonymity (although I do remember posting my face to a "post your face" thread), but I think this one's distorted enough so that nobody can recognize me.

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 Message 44 by hooah212002, posted 07-22-2014 6:47 PM New Cat's Eye has seen this message

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