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Author Topic:   EvC Forum Facebook Page
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09-11-2014 10:09 AM
Reply to: Message 34 by Theodoric
09-11-2014 9:21 AM

Re: Further Concerns about Facebook Searching
Theodoric writes:

I thought FB would be a good way to stay in contact with them. Now I know what all my friends and family do every day. I really don't care.

You know how you might not want to go to a big family occasion (wedding, reunion, whatever) because there are inevitably animosities that renew themselves with every opportunity? Uncle Chester will throw up on somebody, and Aunt Myrtle will call somebody a slut...

Facebook is like that 24/7.

If I un-friended everyone in my family, it would work better...but I don't want to know what strangers had for lunch (or see it, jeez), either, or look at another insipid chain-link about Jesus or kittens.

The share is too much with us.

I like my kittens live. So I just drifted away from using FB altogether: All the annoying things in life, conveniently located in one place.

No thanks.

NB: Though it would be fun to track down CS and watch his paranoia flower...

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"If you can keep your head while those around you are losing theirs, you can collect a lot of heads."

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