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Author Topic:   Is the Bible the inerrant word of God? Or is it the words of men?
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02-05-2015 9:39 AM

The evidence is overwhelming that the Bible is simply the words of man and can only be the inerrant words of God if the God is a liar, delusional, a conman or cheat.
There is the vast body of historical evidence.
The Solar System is Heliocentric
The Earth is billions of years old
There has never been a Biblical Flood while humans existed
The Exodus didn't happen
The Conquest of Canaan never happened as described in Joshuah
Man is not the product of Special Creation but simply evolution and has been around far longer than just 6000 years.
There is the vast body of textual evidence.
The Bible is filled with contradictions and mutually exclusive passages; if one is true then the other must be false
There are many mutually exclusive descriptions of the God that are based on regional variations
Tales in the Old Testament are told from specific cultural points of view
There are different voices intermingled, just mushed together
There is the vast body of evidence showing redaction.
The very beginning of the Old Testament shows evidence of redaction
the story in Genesis 1 comes from a totally different era, culture and tradition than the story found in Genesis 2&3
The first Gospel (Mark) shows evidence of later editing and insertions with both the beginning and ending modified.
Matthew and Luke drew from two earlier Gospels, Mark and one that has not yet been found but was a collection of sayings of Jesus
The final Gospel presents an entirely different picture of Jesus with editorial insertions
There is additional outside evidence. For example not a single so called Prophecy of Jesus in the Old Testament has stood up to examination.
There is the fact that God seems to have been unable to even create a single universal Table of Contents rather there are Canons that vary from only five books to over eighty.
The only reasonable conclusion is that the Bible is not the Inerrant Word of God.

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