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Author Topic:   Sex and porn may be why women are joining Islam?
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08-25-2015 8:04 AM

Sex and porn may be why women are joining Islam?

There are two statistics that I find interesting. The first is that the non-religious demographic are the fastest growing as compared to other religious organizations. The second is that women in relatively high numbers are joining Islam. We all know that Islam, a misogynous religion, has about 5,000 + Honor killings of women yearly, yet women are still moving to it from other religions and secular circles.

This clip may be one of the main reasons for it as Muslim men seem to pay much more attention to what they think is the quality of men within Islam.


Is it possible that in sexual matters, Islam might be ahead of the West in their thinking?

If not, then what should the West do to help us save our boys and young men as well as our young girls and women from the indoctrination via porn into unhealthy and unwanted sexual habits?

Is it possible that women worldwide are telling us, --- by joining Islam, --- that they are tired of just being seen as mouths, vaginas and rectums, --- and would rather join a misogynous patriarchal religion than to remain being thought of as just mouths, vaginas and rectums?


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