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Author Topic:   Tentativity and The Bible
New Cat's Eye
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09-01-2015 1:22 PM
Reply to: Message 44 by Straightshot
09-01-2015 7:30 AM

Literally fulfilled
Um, you had to twist the hell out of the scripture, by saying that building a new city on top of the old one doesn't actually count as rebuilding the city, in order to get to an interpretation of a prophesy that wasn't plainly outright wrong. There's nothing literal at all about that fulfillment. Its completely figurative.
Again, what you are doing is starting with the assumption that the prophesy must be fulfilled, and then you are interpreting scripture in whatever way you must in order to maintain a fulfilled prophesy.
"Oh, Tyre was rebuilt? Well, its was built on top of the old city so that doesn't count as the old city being rebuilt."
As I said before, that's terrible theology, an impossible way to find truth, and a bastardization of the Bible.

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