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Author Topic:   Europe's first farmers older than Creation
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11-26-2015 1:14 PM

A recent article published in Nature (Genome-wide patterns of selection in 230 ancient Eurasions) describes evidence of who were Europe's first farmers, but I want to focus on the oldest of these first farmers, specifically, the ones from 8500 years ago, before creation even happened. Here from the paper is a table of the age ranges of various populations:

The first five populations are all older than 7100 years, older than creation. How do we know these populations lived more than 7100 years ago? The paper itself doesn't present this evidence. The evidence probably exists in a chain of references starting in the paper's list of references that begins on page 5.

I propose we use this thread to trace back through these references to find the original evidence that these populations are actually as old as the paper says they are.


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