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Author Topic:   Discussion of Phylogenetic Methods
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01-05-2016 3:31 PM
Reply to: Message 2 by herebedragons
01-01-2016 1:15 PM

Re: Introduction to Phylogenetic Methods
HBD, thanks for starting this thread.

I have several questions, but I am not sure where in the discussion you would want to answer them. If you answer them, where ever in this discussion you think is right is fine with me.

If you were going to try to create a phylogeny for a family that contains 11 species in 8 genera, how would you decide which regions of the genome to sequence?

Do you want the regions to be non-coding or regulatory?

How many regions would you want to sequence for the family phylogeny?

How many regions to determine the amount of genetic diversity, within and between populations a single species?

How many regions to try and construct a genetic clock?

Could the same data collected be used for all these determinations?


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