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Author Topic:   Godís decree. No punishment after death for men.
Greatest I am
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01-20-2016 7:13 PM

Godís decree. No punishment after death for men.

A good God must be a huge hearted Universalist God. If not then he is a satanic loser. All are equal before God. If not then God would not be righteous. God forbid.


It must then follow that there is no punishment of man after death. Intelligently, God creates all for the best of all possible ends. This is also a natural law.

Only a loser of a God would have a heaven and a hell. Only a poor shepherd would lose a huge part of his flock.

Is your God a Universalist God?


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 Message 2 by Admin, posted 01-21-2016 7:49 AM Greatest I am has not yet responded

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01-21-2016 7:49 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Greatest I am
01-20-2016 7:13 PM

Your link isn't much related to your argument, leaving your argument supported only by your own assertions and questionable logic.

I decline to promote this one.

EvC Forum Director

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 Message 1 by Greatest I am, posted 01-20-2016 7:13 PM Greatest I am has not yet responded

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