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Author Topic:   Question: Why did animals have to die in the great flood?
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06-30-2016 9:11 AM
Reply to: Message 45 by Pressie
06-30-2016 8:22 AM

Re: where it is included
Pressie writes:
Thanks, but if it was 'inspired by God' it would be included in 'The Word of God' used by the mainstream Protestant denominations seeing that they claim to know the ultimate Truth.
Yet, those books aren't included in 'The Word of God'.
Remember, the Mainstream Protestant denominations don't make the same claims as the Fundies or "Bible Christians". And of course those that do claim what you seem to assert are in denial about so much that is included, particularly all the supposed God Inspired contradictions and misinformation that does exist in the Bible stories.
Those who lay claim to having the Ultimate "TRUTH" have faith in that Truth in spite of any evidence. If you look closely at the actual claims made by such denominations as opposed to the practice you find that those who actually create such Statements of Faith play it safe and cagey; they include statements like "in the original manuscript are inspired and without error". Of course there are no original manuscripts for anything found in any bible story in any Canon.

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06-30-2016 4:14 PM
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06-30-2016 7:50 AM

Yeah, that's what I gathered. Not inspired by God, therefore not included in the Protestant Bible, I guess?
I suppose, but given the actual process of canonizing, it is difficult to separate out the not inspired from the not included. Sure, Enoch is young compared to most OT scriptures, maybe a couple of centuries younger than Malachi and maybe one or two other OT books, but surely not younger than any NT scriptures.
I think it is more telling that Enoch is not considered canon under Jewish tradition, although for the most part, that tradition is scarcely recognizable under the interpretation that most of us Christians give to the Bible. For the sake of a Bible Study thread, I'm willing to at least entertain an argument based on Enoch or Maccabees or other texts. But there still is not much material to work with even if Enoch is considered the truth. Sinning against animals might mean just about anything.

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 Message 43 by Pressie, posted 06-30-2016 7:50 AM Pressie has not replied

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