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Author Topic:   Laws happened by accident ? and did Laws evolve ?
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05-03-2017 8:23 AM


Creationism wins again, I win again

Laws have been proven to be created, and have been HERE since the Beginning as even the evolutionists admit.

No one has suggested that laws have evolved, no conditions or environments have created any new laws and no one can expect any laws to develop or evolve.

The harmony of all laws was done simultaneously in the BEGINNING at Creation, at Genesis.

No Laws happened by evolutionary luck or chance.

Evolution once again fails.

Name calling, and labeling doesnt negate the truth that laws were created and have not evolved.

The Lord is the GREAT SCIENTIST as He created SCIENCE and ALL LAWS and ALL MATTER and of course ALL LIFE. God is the Great Architect, Designer and Mathematician. Evolutioon is not mathematical and says there is no DESIGN but that all things came about by sheer LUCK.


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