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Author Topic:   Transistion from biology to machinery
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01-26-2004 10:21 PM

Hello all, I'm new hear, and after reading a bunch of posts on the origin of life I became inspired to ask your opinion from a scientific standpoint on Artificial Intelligence. I'm writing a cognative science research paper for one of my college classes and decided to do some research into AI and AL. After looking at the origin of life, and how things evolved with only GTCA, would it not be possible for a machine to evolve exponentially faster with only 1 and 0? The code that causes the program to malfunction would be deleted by the human creators leaving only more capable code in it's place (artificial natural selection). Eventually maybe even after enough time the machines could become more life then machine. Just wondering what you already educated folk think about this, and any research done into this would also be much appreciated.
It's nice to be here, I'll be posting in the other forums as well, because I have an ongoing debate with a new earth creationist buddy, though talk origins has already done wonders in combating him. Thanks again!

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