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Author Topic:   "Links and Information" forum topics can now be started by admins only
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06-07-2017 11:30 PM

The "Links and Information" forum is intended as a links repository, and the topics not for discussion/debate.
Rarely, if ever, are new "Links and Information" topics not better placed in an "open to debate" forum and topic. For example, earlier today I moved the "Links and Information" topic "Home sapiens older than we realized" to the "Human Origins and Evolution" forum.
Therefore now, what where to be new "Links and Information" topics need to be routed through the "Proposed New Topics" process. From the PNT forum they can be promoted to an appropriate debate forum.
Essentially, my intent is to largely retire the "Links and Information" forum.
If you want to just dump an interesting link somewhere, I suggest the "Links for the Creation/Evolution Controversy (not a debate topic)" topic. Please see message 1 there.
If you think the link is discussion/debate material, create a proper new "Proposed New Topic".
This topic is open to discussion of this change.

Or something like that.

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