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Author Topic:   What is Christianity?
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06-09-2017 11:44 AM
Reply to: Message 450 by Davidjay
06-09-2017 10:50 AM

Re: Christianity is based on Christ not on churchies.
I could never stomach church and be part of the church system or with church kids.... I was an athlete, a very quiet one and an outdoors fisherman in the wilds of British Columbia, as that is where the Lord taught me to respect and honor HIM and His Creation.
I hated talkers who manipulated others or on the court where they trash talked but couldnt back it up. I hate double speakers and talkers, I like doers and performers, rather than theorists and make believers.
Nah never a street preacher, I could talk one or one with almost anyone, but preach never..... I was terrible at languages, and only took them because I was forced to, to get my degree. Dam evolutionists tried to take that hard earned degree away from me. Sure I had a four year athletic scholarship, so my parents didn;t have to pay for my university, but still trying to force me to believe their dementia irked me no end....
There so please never refer to me as a street preacher..
A writer, again absolutely not, I hated writing as much as talking. But got started when they were teaching suicide as an affirmation of success at high school where I was the basketball coach... I fought it, but they kept their damnable bnook, and then I started writing 'letters to the editor, maybe 300 hundred of them and I was off. My 15 year old daughter showed me how to start a website for free, and from there I kept going year by year until I now have opver 1300 articles or so..
Now you know the more complete story.... not a street preacher.
I got literally attacked by one once, as he started literally foaming at the mouth until taken away by his followers. Churchies have tried to kill me a couple of times, they are literally dangerous... not just demented... watch out for the religious mobs...

Thanks to the webmasters HERE for allowing me to defeat atheists and evolutionists HERE, and show they have no math, no science backing them up and that they are totally dependant on semantics and luck and chance as their only support for their religion. Thanks again...

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