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Author Topic:   Home sapiens older than we realized
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08-27-2017 12:46 PM
Reply to: Message 15 by Porkncheese
08-27-2017 9:19 AM

Re: Humanity... Not so intelligent perhaps
But man was fairly dumb for a very long time

"was"? Haven't you seen Trump and the Trumpistas? Sheer idiocy!

You sound like you're invoking one of the more ludicrous claims on AiG about two decades ago that "evolutionists" (a creationist term, so you have already exposed your mission) think that the pyramids of Egypt were built by apemen; ie, that science thought that Homo sapiens sapiens didn't arise until a few thousand years ago, as opposed to the actual figure of 300,000 years ago.

So what constitutes "dumb" with you? An IQ level less than 90? Less than 80? Or just simply dumb as a gorilla?

So just how dumb is a gorilla? Famous gorilla Hanabiko (AKA "Koko", who is also a photographer) had her IQ tested and she scored 80 or 85 (the lower score was attributed to the test's species bias, since Koko chose a tree instead of a house as shelter from the rain).

How does a gorilla's intelligence compare with human intelligence. About 15.8% of the human population has an intelligence lower than 85, so there's a fair amount of overlap there with modern humans.

So just how much dumber do you think ancient man was? The transition from gorilla intelligence levels to human levels is rather small with many modern humans operating at gorilla levels (again, we have Trump and his Trumpistas).

Or are you confusing low intelligence with ignorance and a lack of technology, both of which require time and the efforts of successive generations to develop? Well, that would certainly be a mistake. Have you tried to think this one through or are you just repeating what your teacher had told you?

There's an interesting aspect to lacking technology, kind of analogous to a fist fight between a large man and a small man: the small man needs to fight smarter while the large man can just muscle his way through. Similarly, when you lack our modern technology with its giant cranes that can just move massive structures into place by brute force, then you have to work smarter instead. I saw the same thing in our shop where the male troops were likely as not to just muscle their way through a task (eg, handling a two-man lift all by himself) while the female troops worked much smarter by making full use of their tools and of teamwork.

That AiG article "disproved" their strawman lie argument by pointing out how smart ancient man had to have been to have built such massive structures without modern technology. Well, duh! If anything, since we can now resort more easily to brute force solutions, it is us, modern man with modern tech, who is becoming dumber (again, Trump and the Trumpistas).

Man was probably using tools from the start.

So do chimpanzees. So what's your point?

BTW, every year when school starts up again, we get a rash of students from fundamentalist Christian schools who get credits towards their Internet Christian Troll Certificate by "engaging in discussion" on "evolutionists" forums. Typically, they downplay their YEC affiliation, very likely on the advice of their teachers, but the truth does still keep bleeding through their flimsy cover. Even before that "Question Evolution" curriculum, for decades I would repeatedly encounter creationists who denied up and down and swore to God and three other white men (old Redd Foxx joke; he was very much entitled to make that joke) that they weren't creationists, only to finally drop all pretense and reveal themselves to be rabidly dogmatic YECs.

Of course, that might not apply to you after all. But I have to admit, you do smell very familiar.

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 Message 15 by Porkncheese, posted 08-27-2017 9:19 AM Porkncheese has taken no action

Posts: 5072
Joined: 05-02-2006
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08-27-2017 12:52 PM
Reply to: Message 17 by Coyote
08-27-2017 10:42 AM

Re: Humanity... Not so intelligent perhaps
A modern group of people cast away on a remote island would probably end up as savages within a few generations,

We know full well that that is not true. If Gilligan's Island taught us nothing else, it's that all you need to do to build a functioning radio and earphones is to lash together bamboo and coconut shells.

And The Flintstones taught us that cavemen domesticated dinosaurs.


Radio commercial writes:

A: {just made an utterly false statement}
B: But that's not true.
A: Yes it is. I heard it on the Internet. Everything you hear on the Internet is true.
B: Where did you hear that?
A: From the Internet.

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 Message 17 by Coyote, posted 08-27-2017 10:42 AM Coyote has seen this message

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