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Author Topic:   Lucy (Australopithecus)
Posts: 178
From: Australia
Joined: 08-25-2017

Message 53 of 88 (820056)
09-16-2017 9:23 AM

still pushing this creationist jargon
I don't care about your stupid conflict with creationist.(which i don't even know ur definition of)
You guys said no one claims it to be fact, show me where.
I showed you where. Dawkins.

Then Jar confirms my statement as well. Point made.

And even though I said human evolution is a strong theory Im being asked what by you guys? I don't understand your war. Im agnostic. I read or hear one side and then i read and hear the other side ok. Anything inconclusive Im rejecting. As I would in engineering. But guy are telling me don't listen to their arguments... Such narrow mindedness really

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Posts: 178
From: Australia
Joined: 08-25-2017

Message 55 of 88 (820058)
09-16-2017 9:41 AM
Reply to: Message 54 by jar
09-16-2017 9:30 AM

Re: still pushing this creationist jargon
What are you even on about.
Dont care about your bullshit war.

Not my problem if ur cage got rattled and your feathers got all ruffled

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 Message 54 by jar, posted 09-16-2017 9:30 AM jar has not replied

Posts: 178
From: Australia
Joined: 08-25-2017

Message 58 of 88 (820062)
09-16-2017 9:52 AM

Fictional illustrations
Seeing eveyone wants to continue on this bizzare creo vs ath path which i don't care for and ignor the fact that i agree with you guys.

I'll add this...

This idea is total garbage. Invented for one purpose only. Creationists.
Shame on this field of metaphysical science and its filthy lies.
The conclusions are totally speculatory and the makers of the theory are even more untrust worthy than religious cults. This is pseudoscience in the extreme

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Posts: 178
From: Australia
Joined: 08-25-2017

Message 64 of 88 (820147)
09-16-2017 3:04 PM

I feel horrible for what I said to my parents a year ago. My attack on their faith came from every angle. I was disrespectful, hateful, inconsiderate and totally fucked. It hurt them. And for wat. This bullshit of a debate.

We haven’t spoken since. And although iv tried to justify it to myself in the last 3 months I can’t. I’m a terrible person fuckin hell.

Iv learnt what this ToE is all about. U can’t reason with a group of retarted fuckin apes with dogmatic views. And becoming frustrated with you retarted apes with tiny cranium capacities is in itself stupid of myself.

I was dumb to accept this shit without question to begin with. And u bunch of old men 40s and 50s spinning the same old childish shit. Being 19yo and agnostic ya’ll total fuckin liars. Living in a fairytale pipe dream.

Fuckin narrow minded knuckle heads lacking any dignity or culture. Spinning shit only to oppose religion.

Now my conscious is killing me. I’m the prodigal son. Must make peace asap.

Well at least you dick faces helped me see this for wat it really is i guess

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